Laser Scanning - 3D Modelisation


The laser scanner technology appeared almost ten years ago and become a main pillar in geomatics. It is a technique of fast and automatic acquisition of 3D data using laser light to measure millions of points on a surface. These 3D points are called point cloud.

We can applied this technology in many fields :

  • architecture with renovation or new project

  • heritage protection

  • land mangement and urban planning

  • civil engineering

  • states comparison and building control

  • volume calculation

The bureau d'Etudes Rossier SA invested in a laser scanner P20 from Leica. Whith is range of 120m it allows us to do many useful applications.

In the meanwhile we became proficent in capturing and computing data. We deliver results in function to the needs of the client : it could be a 3D point clouds or a 2D traditional elveation's map, a topographic plan, a horizontal or vertical sections, ....


Our 3D measurements are also interesting for BIM users (Building Information Modeling). This technology is becoming more and more useful for the creation and the management of construction project.


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