Today, our world and environment are constantly changing. That's why management of reliable geographic data is essential. Over the years, our company has gathered a large amount of data, which enable us to obtain at any time general documents or more specific information such as a situation plan with all networks (electricity, water, ...).


The Bureau d'Etudes ROSSIER SA is very active in two specific fields which mainly interest Municipalities or international companies : It is PGEE (Plan Général d’Evacuation des Eaux) and GIS (Geographic Information System or Système d’Information du Territoire). The first (PGEE) allows a global management of the water networks and evacuation (studies of watersheds) in a town.


One the one hand GIS are ideals tools for the creation and the monitoring of PGEEs. On the other hand they are equally useful for the management of huge technical and administrative data, that we can determine the position on a map. We deal with all aspects of GIS : 

  1. GIS creation using existing data (graphics or digital) and measurements

  2. Regular data updates with mesurements on construction sites and controls for a good execution

  3. Online publication of GIS data according to different security levels (public or password access). We adapt the publications in function to the needs of our client.

We tested different GIS softwares and we are able to propose the best solution to our client according his IT-infrastructure. However we recommend the software TOPOBASE for its technical characteristics and its high adaptability. 



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