The cadastre (or "mensuration officielle" in French) is the main guarantee of property in Switzerland. The tasks in this field are related to the boundaries of properties. It involves as well first measurements as aslo measurement updates.

In Switzerland, these elements are governed by strict legislation. Only a certified land surveyor engineer is allowed to carry out the cadastre. Our company is therewith fully capable of carrying out this work.

With many years of experience in this filed, we provide the following services :

  • Execution of all works related to :

    • splitting properties

    • immatriculation in the Registre Foncier (called cadastration in French too)

    • constitution of servitudes

  • Implementation of a new pedestrian or road access :

    • with a conventional way

    • with expropriation

  • Digitalisation of cadastral maps :

    • by vectorisation 

    • by scanning

  • Mensuration cadastrale :

    • by measurement of property boundaries, buildings or soil types…

    • by computing and drawing all objects defined by federal law 


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