Land Management


Nowadays we are considering other issues beyond defintion and management of building areas. Particularly sustainable development is the huge question in spatial planning. We want to preserve the environment, and to enhance global heritage.

At the same time, efforts are being made to manage rural areas, to take account of the multifunctionality of agriculture and to ensure, in the long-term, the fulfillment of values linked to conservation of nature, wildlife or protected landscapes and sites. An example is the latest amendment of the "Loi sur l'aménagement du territoire (LAT)" in 2012. It concerns the questions (size and surface) related to the construction areas in the villages or towns.

With his legal and technical skills, the land surveyor engineer is a major player in land management and urban planning.


The Bureau d'Etudes Rossier SA has proven expertise in :

  • the elaboration of "plans partiels d’affectation (PPA)", of "plans généraux d’affectation (PGA)" or of "plans de quartier (PQ)". We so do in in collaboration with the architect and town professionals

  • advising municipalities and architects on the interpretation of various laws related to urban planning

  • the completion of the standardisation record (NORMAT) for all above-cited plans


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