The company Bureau d'Etudes ROSSIER SA was founded in 1977 by Luc-Etienne Rossier in the lake Geneva region (La Côte). M. Rossier, géomètre officiel and landsurveyor engineer, began with 2 collaborators.

Since then, the company has gone through numerous evolutions due to works and technological advances. Nowadays our team is composed of 27 collaborators and our offices are in Aubonne and in Gland.


The following dates illustrate the history of our company:

January 1977
Foundation of the land surveyor company by Luc-Etienne Rossier
January 1999
Accreditation ISO 9001:2000
January 2010
Accreditation ISO 9001:2008
January 2012
Rebranding of the company into Bureau d'Etudes Rossier SA and a new CEO take over. MM. Engel, Kammermann, Maurer et Wulliens join as new asociates.
June 2012
Company growth by purchasing thePhilippe Boss Office in Gland
September 2013
The office moves within Gland to our new place : route des Avouillons 16 in Gland
November 2013
Investment in a laser scanner
November 2016
A new of certified land surveyor engineer (ingénieur géomètre breveté) joins the team :
Miss Audrey Ueberschlag, employed in our company since 2013, receives her certification as "brevet fédéral d'ingénieur géomètre" and succeeds Mister Luc-Etienne Rossier.