We are constantly monitoring technological developments in order to propose to our clients the most innovative solutions. Our equipment covers as well traditional works as also precision works.

The following list summarizes our instruments and softwares :


For data capture : 

Level :

  • 1 Wild NA2
  • 1 Leica DNA03

Theodolites :

  • 1 Leica TS 15i Viva R1000 Smartpôle
  • 2 Leica TS 11i Viva R1000
  • 1 Leica TCR 1203 R100


  • 1 Leica Smart Ref 1200
  • 5 Leica Smart Rover Viva GS12/CS15

Laser scanner :

  • 1 Leica P20



 For date computing and exploitation : 

Mensura :

Software for conception and modelisation in civil engineering

Leica Cyclone :

Laser scanner date (registration, ...) date treatment software


Geomatic computing software

3D Reshaper :

Software for points clouds treatment and modelisation

PowerCad :

DAO software, especially for swiss cadaster


Leica Geo Office :

Software for Leica instrument's data

Homère :

Geomatic computing software


Geomatic computing software

GeoConcept :

GIS Software

AutoCad Map et Topobase:

GIS Software



For data back-up : 

Servers :